The Fontanelles Room

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On the first floor, on the right hand side at the end of the corridor is The Fontanelles Room.
It is 25m2 and has two single beds (120 x 200 cm) that can be joined to make a double bed (240 x 200 cm). The iron bedsteads, made for the old 19th century house, have been fitted with new, thick and firm mattresses.
Everything in this room reminds us of daily life in an old manor house. The tapestry is rich and luxurious and provides a wonderful backdrop to the room. The hues of gold and warm ochre, subtly contrasted with sky blue, make the room seem like a show case for the beautiful furniture and decorative objects. The light, pistachio coloured curtains draw the whole colour scheme together. The attached bathroom, shared with the L’Arnier Room, is decorated in earthenware tinted with clear blue and white. This quite large bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and two hand-basins.

Price per night :
The Fontanelles et L'Arnier are two adjacent rooms with a shared bathroom and can accommodate 4 people. It is therefore possible to rent one of the rooms or both as a suite of two rooms.
Room rate, 2 people : 70 € , 1 person 60 €
Suite of two rooms 4 people (Fontanelles + Arnier) : 120 €
Breakfast is included in these rates.

Where does the name "The Fontanelles" come from?
“Fontanelles” comes from an Occitan word that first appeared after 1000 AD, and meaning the “Sources”. It is thus a place name probably related to local water sources, very important centuries ago in some parts of the estate. Today Les Fontanelles is the name for a field in the Degrave estate, where the syrah grapes, for our famous Nils wine, are grown.

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